What is an Upslip?
An "Upslip" is when half of your pelvis (right or left) is elevated in
relationship to your sacrum.  This ‘jamming’ is not a normal motion of
the pelvis and cannot be corrected with the stretches.  Its presence is
associated with all kinds of structural pain that does not seem to
respond to anything, even good osteopathy, if it is overlooked.

How does an Upslip happen?
An "Upslip" occurs with a miniature trauma of a specific nature.  It
happens when a person steps off a curb that they don’t know is there,
and they jam their pelvis straight up with a straight knee and relaxed
hip. Anything that mimics that motion (missing a step carrying the
laundry basket, sliding out of a truck that has no running board,
walking on uneven ground and stepping unwittingly into a
depression) can cause one.  They can also be caused by falling on
one side of your buttock.  They cannot be caused by bending, lifting,
twisting, rolling, climbing, etc.

How do you know if you have an Upslip?
In time, you may become accustomed to what it feels like to have one
or not.  Until then, use the checklist.  If you have responded to
osteopathy in the past and your pain recurs, you have been doing the
stretches and doing them correctly, you have had no Trauma, then
you probably have an Upslip. It probably occurred within 48 hours of
when you first noticed pain.

What you do about Upslip?
Have your D.O. pull it back down for you.

How to avoid an Upslip?
Because the treatment of this requires a trip to the D.O., it is best to
learn how to avoid it.  For the most part, patients have been able to
simply become aware of how it happens (90% of time, it occurs on
stairs), and then stop doing it.  This does not mean they quit any
activity, they just learn how to pay attention a little differently.

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