Missoula Osteopathic Clinic OfficeAt Missoula Osteopathic Clinic, PLLC we attempt to solve peoples unsolved or under solved medical problems. Often these problems are related to pain, but often are not.

The solution is achieved using the unique qualifications of an osteopathic physician including:

  • Fully trained and licensed physician
  • Underlying philosophy that health is the normal state of the body
  • Belief that structure and function affect each other in all cases
  • In-depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology and how these practically relate to health and illness
  • Ability to practically assist you to achieve maximal health
  • Effective options for the management of many troubling illnesses, usually without the need for drugs or surgery

Missoula Osteopathic Clinic OfficeStructural treatments consist of a full spectrum of osteopathic techniques

  • strain-counterstrain
  • myofascial release
  • ligamentous articulous strain
  • cranial osteopathy
  • muscle energy
  • facilitated positional release

High Velocity Techniques (popping, cracking) are rarely used.